Cosmos: Blockchain Interoperability
This course explains the motivations and designs of Cosmos, dubbed "the internet of blockchains". With new blockchains emerging every day, it's becoming increasingly necessary for protocols that allow these blockchains to interoperate.
Parity Substrate
In this mini-course Rob Habermeier explains how Substrate can be used as core infrastructure for building your own blockchain EVM. Substrate will take care of the consensus and the p2p communication so you can focus on the core components of your specific needs. Everything from block structure to potential runtime designs are covered.
Corda: Key Concepts
This course covers all the fundamentals of Corda from how transactions are constructed and verified by peers to how consensus is achieved in the network. This course is made up of 12 bite-size lessons, including Contracts, Notaries, Oracles, Flows, and Timewindows. There are 2 quizzes to check your comprehension.
Hadera Hashgraph
This mini-course will describe in detail the Hashgraph consensus algorithm and how it differs from a typical blockchain. Through an hour-long video by the creator of Hashgraph, Dr. Leemon Baird, you will walk away knowing how Hashgraph orders transactions, and it's unique method for getting all nodes to create a graph on the activity in the network.
Smart Contracts for Lawyers
Understand the overlap between legal code and computer code on the blockchain.
3 Major Consortia and their Distributed Ledger Endeavors
This report focuses on three of the most important consortia in the blockchain space at the moment.