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Our process

Ask questions
A high-touch process that starts with questionnaires and consultations to identify your unique blockchain training needs.
Offer solutions
Through collaboration and customized content we prescribe practical and actionable ways for you to achieve your blockchain business objectives.
Continued support
Education never stops. Enable your team to become lifelong learners with versatile support services tailored to your specific needs.
Real results
Track each student's progress with detailed reports that empower you to quickly analyze where improvements are being made and opportunities exist.

Our services

Core concepts
Give your team the building blocks and terminology to ensure a successful project kickoff. No coding necessary.
  • Consensus in distributed systems
  • Hashing, Mining, Nonces and Difficulty
  • Smart contracts
  • Varieties of blockchains: Public, Private, Hybrids
  • Blockchain deficiencies
  • Cryptocurrency, Wallets, Digital signatures
  • ["Consensus in distributed systems", "Hashing, Mining, Nonces and Difficulty", "Smart contracts", "Varieties of blockchains: Public, Private, Hybrids", "Blockchain deficiencies", "Cryptocurrency, Wallets, Digital signatures"]
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Legal insights
Stay informed of the latest regulatory updates across global jurisdictions. Participate in new initiatives and projects through our network of legal experts.
  • CLE accredited courses
  • Fundraising: Token sales and ICOs
  • Regulatory: Agency stances globally and locally
  • Smart contracts
  • Law enforcement
  • Tax law
  • ["CLE accredited courses", "Fundraising: Token sales and ICOs", "Regulatory: Agency stances globally and locally", "Smart contracts", "Law enforcement", "Tax law"]
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Industry research
Gain a competitive advantage with our analysis and assessments. Create customized deep dives and workshops to validate concepts and technical requirements.
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Identity
  • Supply Chain
  • Insurance
  • Ad Tech
  • ["Finance", "Government", "Identity", "Supply Chain", "Insurance", "Ad Tech"]
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Developer training
From the basics to live implementation our team has the practical experience to help your developers every step of the way.
  • Product development: Ethereum, Hyperledger & more
  • Smart contract programming
  • Requirements engineering
  • Design reasoning and decision making
  • Consortium blockchain setups
  • Customized technical briefings
  • ["Product development: Ethereum, Hyperledger & more", "Smart contract programming", "Requirements engineering", "Design reasoning and decision making", "Consortium blockchain setups", "Customized technical briefings"]
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Mix & match
Choose from a variety of training and development formats.
Examples include:
Executive Briefings

Leadership learning sessions distilling the highlights.

Interactive Training Seminars

In house or offsite. From a few hours to a few days.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Short informative workshops paired with any meal.

Ideation Workshops

Collaborative strategy analysis and competitive opportunity assessment.

PoC Design Labs

Guidance and best practices for protocol and second layer design implementation.

Product Training

Custom built training material on your blockchain solution, including videos and product guides.

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Our clients
Ingrid Wadell, Director Product Development, First National Bank of Omaha
Ingrid attended a private two day blockchain bootcamp to get up to speed fast and report back to her executive team.
Mike Alonso & Rich Merrill, Founders, Pactum
Mike and Rich co-founded Pactum, a blockchain development company after taking our blockchain basics and developer courses.
Alex Jacoby, Head of Operations, imbrex
Alex shifted industries by taking advantage of our course offerings and now leads operations at a real estate marketplace using the Ethereum blockchain.
Patrick O’Kain, United States Department of Justice
We assisted Patrick in conducting legal compliance research on cryptocurrency and money laundering.

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To continue to create and deliver professional blockchain education and project guidance. We stand behind all of our products and services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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