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Blockchain Smart Contracts: Principles and Use Cases
This 2 hour workshop will walk you through the fundamentals of what a smart contract is and how it can be utilized on blockchain platforms like Ethereum.
Tokenizing Assets from IP to Real Estate: A Legal and Tech Perspective
This panel will explore the different ways tokenization occurs both from a legal and tech perspective.
EOS: Building a Distributed App
This mini-course consists of a 90 min video that walks you through building an EOS app from start to finish. It is followed by a quiz to review and test your knowledge.
Cardano: An Overview of The Orouboros Consensus Protocol
During this hour long mini-course you will learn about the motivations for Cardano, and how the Ouroboros proof-of-stake consensus protocol achieves efficiencies over other blockchain architectures. This session is led by the creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson.
MakerDAO and DAI
Learn how the Maker DAI stable coin works, and how ether is is used to collateralize the DAI token and keep the value fixed at $1. Then learn how to create your one CDP (collateralized debt position) to issue yourself new DAI.
This mini-course is comprised of 3 videos. The first covers the basics of IOTA such as how a transaction is created and various terminology. The second covers the weighting system applied to transactions including cumulative weight and minimum weight. And the third explains why and how addresses are attached to the tangle.
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